Are you getting the full benefit from your providers?  

Customer acquisition costs have skyrocketed in recent years. After you have secured a customer’s business and provided them with top-quality service, maintaining a revenue stream from that customer is essential to a profitable business. If you sell a motor club in connection with the purchase of a vehicle, once your customer’s contract ends, it shouldn’t terminate your relationship with that customer. The cost to acquire that customer requires that you receive lifetime value from that customer.

A member can renew a motor club membership and may be interested in similar products because of the great value received through the motor club.  Your motor club vendor should provide you the opportunity for renewal revenue as well as revenue from the sale of additional products.

If you have VAS as your partner, your customer will stay YOUR customer. Companies like VAS, which operates only on a true business to business model, always allows you to share benefits of the costumer you worked so hard to bring into your dealership. We will proactively provide you with an industry setting standard renewal process and consult with you on additional product offerings.

You will always participate in the manner and content of any future solicitation and revenue. We believe that VAS can provide value added products at competitive price points that provides your customers with the best experience. We not only intend to secure your brand value and retain that customer for you, but continue to provide you a revenue stream for your future profitability. We will help bring that customer back into your dealership for the purchases of new vehicles, travel trailers and RVs, as well as service, accessories, parts and maintenance.

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